Technical Manager - R&D

Reference Number: p3EC8S
Location: Ridgefield, New Jersey, United States, 07657






Responsible for developing new products for blown and cast film products under the New Product Development Program. Part of the developmental process will include setting process conditions of new products, selecting resin blends that allow the film to meet customer needs, having film tested to make sure it meets customer’s requirements.

The Technical Manager in addition will work to reduce costs by reviewing alternate materials that will allow for (lower cost resin, higher output, lower energy costs, and lower scrap rates).



The Technical Manager in addition will work with plants by improving process running conditions, operator training and other projects. Part of assisting the plants in efficient operation; the Technical Manager, as a corporate employee, will be allowed to make changes to work orders that are specified items so long as the changes do not affect customer specifications.  

The Technical Managers will visit customers to help identify the customer’s requirements and or assist sales in determining customer requirements. They will visit customers with Sales to help obtain additional business. They will evaluate and test competitor’s products as a corporate employee to help determine how the customer’s order should be set up.

To fulfill these goals in a cost effective and timely manner the Technical Manager will spend short or long term assignments times at the different plants, as such they will still be corporate employees and will be supervised from corporate, but will be expected to follow all plant wide rules and regulations.




They must have knowledge of LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, and HDPE resins.

They must have knowledge of film testing and evaluation techniques.  

They should be an expert in either the blown and/or cast film processes in both Mono and Coex.

They should have Engineering or Technical Degree.

They should have over 10 Years Experience in similar kind of work.



Works under direction of Technical Director, R&D. Has daily contact with lab, sales, production employees, as well as occasional customer contact.


Position will require traveling to various plants as well as customers.